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Barkley’s online professional programs are designed to make you job-ready, developing the professional skills you’ll need to excel in your particular career field. Unlike similar programs offered by other top universities, BU's degree and non-degree programs put you at complete ease, allowing you to pause and resume your education whenever you want. As all programs are 100% online, you can study from home, workplace, or even when on the move using a mobile device.

The curriculum at BU is carefully designed to be in harmony with the changing market trends. Each course is developed by respective market experts and instructors to be industry-responsive, to make you job-ready the moment you graduate from BU. To keep the curriculum relevant, every course is upgraded twice a year delivering real-world knowledge and skills to learners.

Leading the Way In Online Higher Education

The high quality academic programs offered at BU are accessible worldwide through Power-Learn™, our robust e-learning platform. The system, equipped with the latest learning tools, allows students to study in a highly interactive environment where participants can easily share their knowledge one-on-one as well as in large groups. Barkley is one of the first universities to integrate the latest available instructional technology in its online study platform. Continued research and application of innovative learning methods makes BU the region’s most advanced online institution.

What Sets BU Apart

There are many things that distinguish BU from other online universities. The flexibility that BU education offers has no match. The quality delivered by BU's professional programs is unparalleled. BU education is accredited, thus globally accepted and recognized. Student and career support at BU is very result-oriented. And lastly, Barkley’s education is very affordable, and can be made even easier on the pocket through various financial aid options.

Below are some of the factors that make us the region’s favorite university:

Flexible, Self-Paced Online Education

BU's flexible, self-paced online programs allow you to study from your home, workplace, or even while on the move using a mobile device. Pause and resume your education whenever you want and complete your program as fast as you can.

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Quality Online Education with e-Classrooms

The quality of education delivered at BU is second to none. Everything related to your program is completely online; enroll, pick courses, study, interact, apply for credit transfers and more. Do it all using your dedicated account area on BU site.

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Affordable Education that Fits Most Budgets

We have kept BU education very affordable so it can change as many lives as possible globally. BU online programs deliver quality education that's affordable with no additional costs e.g. commuting to campus or buying books etc.

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Global Accessibility via PowerLearn™ e-Platoform

At BU we have developed a cutting-edge e-learning platform called Power-Learn™. This system integrates the latest available online instructional tools so the students and instructors can learn and teach in a seamless manner.

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Career Services to Help Grads find the Rights Jobs

Just the way we provide dedicated 24/7 support to our students, our Career Center provides you with tailored career support as soon as you graduate. From resume writing to job placement and career counseling, BU offers it all.

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Various Financial Aid Options Available

At BU, you can further reduce your tuition using one of the many financial aid options available. You can apply for scholarships, get credits transferred, change work experience into academic credits, and do more to reduce tuition.

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